Snow Worm and the seven worms

Worm pauses

Cubist Worm

A devil of a worm

Worm meditates

Worm with top hat


Worm wears a sock

Worm does his impression of a big nose

Worm with glasses

When a Worm kisses you, it’s because he loves you

Worm on a dark night

Worm goes around a corner

Worm becomes a hippy

Worm in traction

Movie about worms in love

Hickory Dickory Dock The Worm Crawled Up the Clock

Spineless Worm

Worm playing cards

Worm wears a nose ring

Worm gets fidgety when he has to sit still for a long time

Shuffled Worms

Worm is an expert with a lasso

Worm joins the army, stands at attention


Worm falls in love with a fringe element he meets at the end of a scarf


Mickey Worm