Worm races a train crosscountry. Worm gets a seven-year start.

Worm becomes infinite

Worm sits on a rock on a clear night and stares at the stars


Flagwaving Worm

Concatenated Worms


Worm Digresses


Freytag’s Worm

Worm Soup

Worm spontaneously combusts


Worm doesn’t mean maybe

Collaborating Worms

Worm appears a threat

Worm finds a balance

Worm goes cycling


Worm does his impression of Jimmy Durante

Worm with a moustache


Worm with his tongue cut out

Worm gives a lecture

Worm doing hula

Worm with wig

Worm has a flashback

Worm takes a shower

Worm falls down a well

Mexican Worm Dance

Worm: Illustrated Edition