Worm is shocked!!! when someone offers him a spaghetti dinner

Worm falls in love with a spool of string

Worm loves having Japanese beetles walk on his back

The Hunchworm of Notre Dame


When Worm looked in the mirror and saw he was balding, he realized he was getting old

Worm is unable to make head nor tail of himself


Worm comes to a crossroads


Worm Clock


Worm wearing a bow tie

Slanted Worm


Echo Worm

Worms in conflict


Worm becomes a pluralist


Worm is deconstructed


Worm swallows a caesura

Worm has an answer to everything

Worm gets deleted


Worm peeking out from behind a tree

Worm does his impression of Ronald Reagan


Communist Worm


Rip Van Worm


“The Love Dance of J. Alfred Proofworm”


The Scarlet Worm


Siamese Worms

Worm wins the gold medal at the Olympic Pole Vault